Journal of J.B. Lightcap, pages 9 and 10

Lightcap Journal, Pages 9 and 10Clinton Station, Oct 18/57

Received new goods this week had a very good trade during the past week. Went to an apple pressing to Mr Joseph Kimeser’s lots of young folks there had a good time and enjoyed myself very well.

Got a new flush nest 1 pattern (?)which cost five dollars at wholesale.

Well I must get ready to go to the singing society at the brick church at 3 oclock this evening

Oct 25/57

Every day brings something new. This week that is just past has accomplished much. Ex Governor Chase is relected Governor of Ohio by a majority of two thousand. Death of J.S. Coats the great thread manufacturer. Return of J.S. Johnson from NY City. Times close money scarce. Banks closing up their businesses. Received a letter from Stark County from Jacob McGan (?) All in good health.

Wheat down. Sales quoted at 75@85 rye at 45 dull buckwheat small sales at 35 @ 40, apples 25 @ (?) for gird (?).

Oct 21/57 Attended a wedding of Mm Batorph to Miss Elisabeth Smith. Maryed by Brown Esq. Long may the young couple enjoy life.
And act both the part of man to wife.
May they harmonize together
And love one another for ever
May the live many long days
And spend their years in many busy ways

Today (?)Mr. S. Liggett to Miss Martha Sloan by the Rev M.W. Brown Maried Oct 29, 1857. Mr William Car to Miss Nancy Cammem by Rev Isahia Jones Maried Oct 29, 1857. Two wedings a week is very fine. This is the way it goes. Get maried get old get good. Many enter on the threshold of life without any previous preparations to make themselves comfortable in the world. Many would be excepted from the marriage state when trouble begins to cloud the minds of the young and thoughtless who have never had difficulties to encounter to such marriage is the (?)

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