J.B. Lightcap Journal, Pages 11 and 12

J.B. Lightcap Journal pages 11 and 12From the week ending Oct 8.

Nothing very new has engaged our minds this week.

Business brisk most part during the week. Weather disagreeable  Much rain during few past days water raising. Bough 21 quarts of chestnuts from Sam Swinehart at 6 per qt making in all $1.25. Sold some of them at 10 per quart.

Nov. 14. We now commence to write our remarks for the week that is gone. My employer bought ninety six dollars and .94/100 worth of julery of J.S. Johnson with Chapman Pike & Co. After buying our goods, he presented me with a gold ring which is a very nice present to remember.

Saturday evening I went home to see my uncle and aunt from Richland Co and also uncle Adam Gilbert and his lady from Vanwert Co. Ohio. They were all well when they left home. this morning Father took them to Stark Co where they will remain for several weeks. We hope that the friends may receive them in wellcom and be glad.

November 15

An example of a sailor’s monkey jacket

Today we had speaching in the New Methodist E Church for the first time. It was a nice day for such an occasion. May people in attendance. The services were well adapted to the occasion. The sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr .Kenedy of Fredricksburg. His text is recorded in (?). Whom do men say that I am Peter said thou art the christ and the Lord said thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. 

Nov 22/57

Nothing very new for the week that is past and gone. Received a letter from G. Lightcap stating all in good health. Sent his wife in to Ohio on the 29 of October last.

Went to Lakeville on businesses had a pleasant ride on the cars. Got a red flanel monkey jacket worth two dollars and sixty two and a
half cents. Cut by H. Pissett (?) and made by Susan Smith for (?). Got a new silk velvet vest worth nine dollars and cost me at first cost and ten (?) cent carriage seven dollars and ___ cts.


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4 thoughts on “J.B. Lightcap Journal, Pages 11 and 12

  1. Are these the last of J.B. Lightcap journal pages?

  2. hcowrites

    You’re so welcome!

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