J.B. Lightcap Journal, Pages 5 and 6

Lightcap, Page 5, topI worked for him till December when I took a school in District No 12 Clay Township Kosciusko County Ind. For the term commencing Dec 10 1856 a term of sixty five days and concluded March the 3 1857. Public funds 50.00 Other funds 28=$78.00. Making per day $1.20 clear. Boarded at F. Templins all winter. worked for my board had a good time all the term. No of schollars(sic) enrolled was 33. Branches taught were Orthography Reading Writing Arithmetic and Geography. Miss Mary Ellen Kline was the best looking lady that tended school.

Lightcap, Page 5, bottom

After I got my school matters arranged I started for home. lots of snow on the ground but not cold. Walked 14 miles to Warsaw, Ind. got my super (sic) at the Hotel. Meal .25. Stared about eight oclock that evening took the cars for Ft Wayne Ind got there about eleven oclock that night Stayed at the Meyers (?) house next day till midnight When I started for Cresline (sic) Ohio. Fare at Ft. Wayne 1.25. Fare from (?) to Ft W 1.20. From Wayne to Crestline 3.95.

Fare from Crestline to Clinton Station (1), Wayne Co 1.30. Bought books in Ft. Wayne to the amount of $5.00. Got in company with Mr. Joseph Kimerer after leaving Mansfield had quite a chat with him at dinner that day with them. Went home and found my folks all well. George Lightcap being in our house we had quite a good time of it. I must close for today Aug. Sunday 23.

Lightcap, Page 6, topMarch I stayed at for a few weeks visiting my old associates Spent much time in giving discriptions (sic) about the country. I then went to Wooster to clerk for Israel Gray commencing Tuesday April 14 1857. Stayed with him till August the twenty ninth making in all four months and a half at the rate of $11 per month Settled with Mr. Gray on friday of 29 ints paying me a difference on account $11.00

(1) Shreve.Lightcap, Page 6, bottom

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2 thoughts on “J.B. Lightcap Journal, Pages 5 and 6

  1. Thank you for posting this! I am very excited that you are transcribing J.B. Lightcap’s journal. As a Lightcap researcher, I find this fascinating. How many years does the journal cover?

  2. hcowrites

    Kathryn, I’m so glad you’ve found it! It begins in September, 1854 and continues through July, 1859. I intend to transcribe all of the entries, along with scans of the pages, so keep your eye here for updates. Thanks!

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